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IRP Environmental Consultants has undertaken the following projects:


A Wetland Rehabilitation Prioritisation Technique for the Sydney Metropolitan CMA Area. Development of a method to assist SMCMA to prioritise wetlands for rehabilitation. The prioritisation technique involved development of a method for assessing wetland condition, purpose built for SMCMA requirements and the local conditions.

Plan of Management for Wetlands on Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute: Development of a plan to assist Barragal Landcare deliver conservation management to natural areas on the EMAI site, in concert with farm management.

Audley Weir Pool Aquatic Vegetation Assessment: Ecological assessment and historical review of Audley Weir Pool undertaken to inform DECC and SMCMA about the feasibility of rehabilitating the Hacking River.

Natural Heritage Survey of Ryde Harbour Foreshores: Ecological survey of the foreshore and associated reserves in Ryde LGA as part of a natural heritage assessment.

Gwydir Wetlands Knowledge Audit: Collection and assessment of ecological and hydrological information for the Gwydir, Gingham and Mehi wetlands. NSE Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) will use the information to develop an environmental management plan for the wetlands.

Gwydir Wetlands Site Assessment: Following the release of environmental water, a brief assessment was undertaken for DECC of an 800ha section of the Gwydir Wetlands to provide an indicative ecological value for the area.

Laura crossing the Gingham
Laura crossing the Gingham

Biophysical Assessment of Ephemeral Creeks of the Macquarie River: Providing a pre-regulation and baseline assessment of three ephemeral creeks. Assessment integrates geomorphic, hydrologic, floristic assessments with oral history stories to provide a complete picture of the area. The information will assist with water management planning for the Macquarie River.

Laura and Liza assessing the Crooked Creek floodplain vegetation
Laura and Liza assessing the Crooked Creek floodplain vegetation

Scoping Study for the Hydrodynamic Modelling of the Gwydir Wetands: Provided expert ecological advice on ecological assets and their flow dependency.

Floodplain management planning: Provided ecological and cultural information to integrate with the hydraulic modeling of a section of the Murrumbidgee River. The information informs the development of a floodplain management plan for the area.

Blackbox on the Murrumbidgee Floodplain
Blackbox on the Murrumbidgee Floodplain

State of the Darling, phase 2: Following the development of a stage one hydrology report, IRPEC provided information on flow related issues for flood dependent ecosystems in the Darling Catchment.

Environmental Impact Report and Remediation Plans: Preparation of plans in relation to illegal dumping for riparian zones in Sydney.

Regional Wetland Specialists: IRP Environmental Consultants provides technical advice and initiate wetland management projects for the NGO WetlandCare Australia.

Wetland Management Plan: Created a management plan in conjunction with Sainty and Associates for Myimbarr Wetland in the Shellharbour LGA. Myimbarr is a 14 ha. constructed wetland supporting both saltwater and freshwater wetland habitat.

Laura Torrible at Myimbarr
Laura Torrible at Myimbarr

Ecological Character Assessment: Assisted the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation with the Ecological Character Description of RAMSAR nominated wetlands in the Paroo River.

RAMSAR Managers' Network: Finalised a report for the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation that identified the roles and responsibilities of RAMSAR managers in NSW, with a focus on private landholders.

North East Forestry Agreement: Coordinated aspects of the land referral process for the NSW Department of Crown Lands.

Land Assessment Manual: Assisted in the review of the Crown Lands' "Land Assessment Manual"


Bushland Management Planning: Preparation of bushland management plans required for private development applications.

Advice on Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979): Review (internal) of Part 5 assessment arrangements for the Department of Lands.


WetlandLink: WetlandLink is a wetland management newsletter aimed at land managers and NRM professionals. WetlandLink articles are archived on the website: where a wealth of wetland information is being assembled.

Conference Papers: Delivery of conference papers on A Wetland Prioritisation Technique and The Wetland Communication Tool: WetlandLink at the Hunter Wetland Centre Conference and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation Annual Conference.

Gwydir Scientific Workshop: Coordination of a scientific workshop on the Gwydir Wetlands. The outcome of the workshop informed a Knowledge Audit and eventually the Environmental Management Plan for the Wetlands.

White's Creek Wetland Signage Project: Creation of text and graphics for interpretative signs for a constructed wetland. There was a high level of community interest.

"WetWorkshop" Presentation (Sydney Olympic Park Authority): Presentation of the opening address on wetlands and legislation for a workshop aimed at NRM professionals.

OceanWatch Education Seminar: Presentation of a talk on "Practical Aspects of Wetland Management" to representatives of local councils in the Sydney LGA.

Wetlandlink Communication Strategy: As Regional Wetland Specialists for WetlandCare Australia (WCA), IRP Environmental Consultants works with NSW Coastal Catchment Management Authorities to provide regionally specific wetland management information to landholders on the NSW coast. This project is being undertaken as part of the newly formed Wetland Management Solutions team funded by the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust.

Environmental Education: Environmental studies teaching at TAFE NSW.

Wetland Education: Provided a special wetland seminar for high school students at Riverview, Sydney.



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